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Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer



avengers infinity war header

Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer – It’s all been leading to this!

Over the past decade Marvel has introduced your favourite Superhero’s from Captain America, Iron to the New Spiderman & Black Panther. This is the battle of all battles!

watch the new trailer here:


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5 Justice League Talking Points



Justice League Movie Review

Here we have our 5 Justice League Talking Points!

As most comic geeks the new Justice League movie has caused such a hype since the release of Wonder Woman earlier this year but after a lot of criticism from reviewers we take a look at the most epic moments in the new movie.

Read our full Justice League Movie Review

If you haven’t seen the movie yet then please do not read on as its a spoiler alert!

#1 – Superman, The return.

Over the months in the lead up to the movie release everyone, including me has checked IMDB for casting of Henry Cavill – However this doesn’t mean he will be returning as it all could be just a dream!


#2 – Batman’s love for Wonder Woman?

Albert mentions it a few times throughout the movie and there is a moment where sexy diana walks into Bruce’s bedroom as he undresses, she has her hair down, looking super sexy but instead she puts his arm back into its socket. (Kind of romantic I guess)


#3 – The Flash & his dad

Barry ( Ezra Miller ) visits his father in Prison where he will spend the rest of his life for the murder of his wife/ Barry’s mother but the both proclaim his innocents so who is covering it up?


#4 – Post credits Lex Luther

If you are patience enough to wait til the very end of the credit, Lex Luther escapes from prison and is joined on his Yacht by new villain Deathsrtroke – Looking to form a league of their own.


#5 – End of Batman?

In a few clips Batman ( Ben Affleck ) talks about how he is struggling to keep up with the superheros and the fact he will not live forever, is this a statement or just to get us talking?

Hope you liked our 5 Justice League Talking Points for the new Justice League Movie, be sure to check out the movie in cinema now.

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DC Comics News

Justice League Movie Review



Justice League Movie Review

After a late night awaiting the DC Comics latest movie here is our Justice League Movie Review and we hope you like it.

We have seen mixed reviews all day regarding the new DC Movie featuring Batman ( Ben Affleck ) & Woman ( Gal Gadot ) who are looking for help to save the world from a new invasion – Steppenwolf!

Without boring the viewer (us) DC and Warner Bros. make their way through the movie explaining the roles of each new Superhero in a cool fashion. Trying not to go over covered ground.

The film is packed with Comedy thanks to The Flash ( Ezra Miller  )  and some witty humour from Aquaman ( Jason Momoa ), the Warmth comes from the Superman ( Henry Cavill ) storyline which will touch the heart in a good way. (our view anyway)


Flash and his father storyline is less detailed and we wonder if his father is guilty of killing his wife or is it a cover up to protect his son?

Aquaman gets a brief visit to Atlantis where he has a deep talk with Mera ( Amber Heard ) but this is a short clip, would we like to see more of the super sexy Mera?

Cyborg is coming to terms with the car crash and  losing mum, His dad saves him but still he struggles to deal with powers. With the help of wonder woman he learns to accept his ability.

The storyline is based around 3 boxes with control the mother of all powers (Darkness)


Our Justice League Movie Review comes to an end but be sure to stay for the credits as Flash v Superman race in post credits

Lex Luther End Credits League of their own in the last of the credits

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DEADPOOL 2 Clip Wet On Wade



DEADPOOL 2 Clip - Wet On Wade

DEADPOOL 2 Clip Wet On Wade

Yes! we are very excited with the new DEADPOOL 2 Clip Wet On Wade, you have got to love this guy, right?

Many of you are too young to remember the legend that is Bob Ross, he had a quirky way of teaching you how to paint but he had a real talent.

DEADPOOL starts off being serious about paint before diving right into the White powder and getting high as F**k.

Wade talks about beating one off and the usual rude minded stuff he talks about in the first film. In the DEADPOOL 2 clip – Wet on wade there is a clip of the movie built right in.

First off we see bad ass Wade shooting his load (pun intended)

DEADPOOL 2 Clip Wet On Wade

We are glad to see these two back and hopefully more involved in some fight action: Weasel & Dopinda

Wades love interest and roommate Blind Al and she’s packing heat!


First look at Domino – Walking through a burning door

Some kid burning sh*t up, maybe why Domain is in that scene?

DEADPOOL 2 Clip Wet On Wade

Next up, the new look negasonic teenage warhead

Deadpool ( Ryan Reynolds )in a coffin at a funeral? Not sure what crazy stunt wade is playing here. LOL

The end credits see what we hope to be Cable picking up a pistol…….

We hope you have enjoy this sneak peek at the new DEADPOOL 2 Clip Wet On Wade video and we hope the film is released early 2018!

Remember kids: Hugs Not Drugs!

There is also a heated scene where Vanessa jumps and wraps here legs around Wade and its starts getting frisky.

Do you think there will be the same level of Sexual scenes as in the first? Can it go any better?

Stay tuned / follow us for all the lasted DEADPOOL 2 movie news, gossip and behind the scenes.


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